Crochet Shell and Vst Pattern

Check out and learn this cool and easy shell and v stitch pattern, I have used it in a few of my earlier designs.

dc.        Double Crochet
Shell.    (2dc, ch1, 2dc) in same space or stitch
vst.       (1dc, ch2, 1dc) in same space or stitch

Make chain length loosely in multiples of 3ch, I used a 4.00mm hook

Work 1 shell (see abbrev) in 6th ch from hook, * miss 2ch, 1shell in next ch, * rpt from * to * along to last 3ch, miss 2ch, 1dc in last ch. Turn.

1st Row - ch3, 1vst (see abbrev) in ch1 of each shell to end, 1dc in top of ch3. Turn.

2nd Row - ch3, 1 shell in each ch2 space of vst to end, 1dc in top of ch3. Turn.

Rpt 1st & 2nd Rows to required length.

Make this free Three Piece Baby Set made in the same stitch.

Download a free PDF copy HERE  
Print a copy HERE

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